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Enterprise Resource Planning In Manchester

Acronyms are ten a penny in the information technology industry, and as independent ERP Consultants in Manchester, we know that the general public doesn’t fully understand many of these acronyms. Take ERP for example; this term is not self-explanatory at all. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is a system that integrates and automates all of your core business processes, such as customer order processing, supply chain management, production planning, delivery, project management, sales and marketing, accounts and human resources. An ERP system, therefore, is a computerised model of your business, which contains all of your resources, people, products and processes in a way that keeps information flowing across all areas of the business.

What are the benefits of an ERP system for business?

An ERP system can help you to define your business processes to be more efficient and ensure that they are all complied with throughout the supply chain. A good ERP system will enable you to plan your workload better using existing orders and forecasted orders, protecting your business-critical data, and translate your data into information that can help you to make decisions. ERP implementation provides you with tools that can recommend what your business must do for you to meet the forecasted demand for your products and services, and therefore keep your business functioning smoothly.  All of this means you then have the tools at your fingertips to give you customers a much higher level of service than before.

ERP systems run in real time and can be quite complicated. After all, they will contain such diverse information as sales orders and quotes, manufacturing processes, purchase orders, and labour information. All of this information works together to allow you to plan for the future better by using all the available variables when calculating things. For example, if you are a business who only gets orders for 1000 items at a time then it would be wasteful for you to store the materials needed for 10,000 items in your warehouse – unless you can get a large discount by ordering in bulk. The benefit of using an ERP system here is that you can enter in your vendor’s price tables and the system will work out the optimum quantity that you need to order to save you money and also help you avoid tying up large chunks of your capital in raw material.

Why finding the right team so important

As you can probably gather from this information, an ERP system is a vital tool for any business, and so the correct selection and implementation of this piece of software is a business-critical process.   As it is such an important responsibility, many companies find that they do not have anyone on board who has the required set of skills and experience and so turn to external ERP consultants instead. The beauty of an independent, external ERP consultant is that we can offer you an objective view on your company and your requirements. This means that we can offer you advice, based on your needs, not based on one or two particular systems.

We are not programmers, though. Sometimes people misunderstand what our role as an independent ERP Consultant in Manchester actually is, and think that we can create or modify actual software. We don’t. What we do is provide you with guidance and support while leading the evaluation and selection of your ERP software, and overseeing the implementation – acting as a coach and mentor to your internal project manager.  This approach to implementation helps you to successfully implement the ERP system, whilst ensuring all the knowledge acquired during the implementation stays within the business. In addition, by working closely with your key people throughout, we make sure that you and your team are able to take ownership of the system and its implementation before we sign off.

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