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Enterprise Resource Planning In Birmingham

Working with a local, independent consultant for ERP in Birmingham will make the process much easier for your company. But what is ERP?  Enterprise Resource Planning software is concerned with managing, integrating and automating essential business processes. At its centre is planning and managing key business resources – including production, finance, distribution and human resources. On top of these core planning functions, ERP systems can help companies with the management of orders, supply chain and inventory, manufacturing, projects, accounting and customer relationships.  Your ERP consulting company can help you determine which of the many ERP systems available will best meet the needs of your business and will enable you to plan and manage the business most successfully

ERP software collects information from across the business that can help you improve processes, costings, forecasting, customer service, and so on.  As an independent ERP consultant company, we know that data analysis and reporting tools are also an essential part of any ERP system.  These tools are important because in order to exploit this information, you need to analyse, understand and make decisions based on the business intelligence gathered.

What are the benefits of an ERP system for business?

So, what are the benefits of an ERP system for business – is all this complicated technology worth the investment? If used correctly the right ERP system can increase the overall performance of the firm by integrating all of your business processes and information into one place. This integration ensures the synchronisation of all your tasks which will mean that they run more smoothly. This will help you to enhance your productivity by automating a lot of your business processes which will make them more efficient and less prone to error. This then enables you to free up staff from more mundane tasks, such as rekeying and balancing data, which will give them more time to concentrate on your business activities that will enable you to expand your business more quickly.

Why is finding the right team so important?

Therefore, teaming up with the right independent, local ERP consultants in Birmingham will help your business to improve its overall performance and in consequence your competitive position. We are not just concerned with helping you choose the right software; that is just one element of our service. We can also help you with defining your requirements, determining the benefit to you of implementing an ERP system, understanding the costs and timescales involved, as well as planning and the successful implementation of the chosen system.  Our expert team will work with your company to help you to improve your business. We don’t just advise you on the technology and then get it installed.  Our aim is to guide you through the integration of the system into the business, in a way that will lead to an increase in productivity, information accuracy and timeliness, business performance and customer satisfaction; driving your business growth.

We do this by not just project managing the implementation but rather by working closely with your internal project manager to share our skills and experience with them. The implementation process itself can be quite complicated, and it is unlikely that you will have someone within your business who has experience of it. We will come in and coach your internal project manager on a regular basis, supporting them through the whole process and ensuring processes are put in place that will promote best practice at all time.  We find that the coaching and mentoring approach is more beneficial to both the company we are working with and the individual involved. Not only does it increase the skill set and knowledge of the internal project manager, it also means the knowledge gained by the project manager throughout the implementation stays within your business.

ERP Consulting Birmingham

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