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ERP Consulting

There are substantial benefits to be gained from implementing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

ERP systems not only enable business processes to be streamlined but also allow information about your processes and resources to be shared across the business; enabling you to operate more efficiently and profitably, make more informed decisions and be in a better position to grow the company.

However, implementing a new ERP system is a significant investment, and so it is vital that you get it right first time. What’s more, for many companies the process of selecting and implementing an ERP system often turns out to be much more time-consuming, expensive and risky than expected. In fact, for many businesses, even just getting the project started is a challenge.

Greenbeam’s independent ERP Selection and ERP Implementation services will help you to get your project off the ground and make sure you get it right first time.

Our services don’t end here though. If your ERP project is underway, or you have already implemented an ERP system and things are not going as expected, we can also assist you with our ERP Troubleshooting service.

ERP Selection

There is a bewildering choice of ERP systems and suppliers to choose from in the marketplace today, and they can all seem very similar on the surface.

The independent ERP Selection service offered by Greenbeam ensures you have all of the information you need to hand so that you can make a fully informed decision about the best vendor and solution for your particular business needs.

Why do we say this so confidently? Because we are not only vendor independent but technology independent as well – so we have no hidden agenda to sell you one system over another. Our knowledge and experience, gained from our years in the business, enables us to efficiently cut through all the sales hype and flush out those ERP systems and vendors that aren’t such a good fit for your business and budget.

Firstly, we get to know your business, your plans for the future and exactly what you want to achieve from your ERP system. Then we follow a highly efficient process to identify potential solutions and vendors, and thoroughly evaluate them. This not only means you are able to make a fully informed decision, but you also avoid the risk of spending more money than necessary on a system.

ERP Implementation

Unfortunately, ERP implementations are notorious for delays, escalating costs and causing disruption to business because of ‘glitches’.

All too frequently companies underestimate the time, cost and effort required to implement their ERP system and fail to anticipate potential problems. This is common because most companies do not have existing staff with the right skills and experience to plan and manage a project of this size and complexity. The issue is often compounded by the popular misconception that the chosen supplier will plan and manage the whole implementation project.

Companies often try to get around this lack of skills and experience by engaging an external contractor or an ERP consultancy – but this usually means that the knowledge and information they acquire moves on with them when the project is finished.

Greenbeam operates differently to other consultants in that we prefer to help you introduce your chosen system successfully into your organisation by overseeing your implementation project, rather than managing it for you.  We act as a coach and mentor to your designated internal project manager, making sure plans are realistic, and issues and possible problems are managed. This approach to implementation enables you to successfully implement the ERP system and start realising the benefits quickly, while ensuring all the knowledge acquired during the implementation stays within the business.

ERP Troubleshooting

As we have mentioned above, many companies experience problems with their ERP project or system.

Projects can go off-course resulting in significant delays and increased costs.  Often an ERP system is implemented but the anticipated benefits are not realised, or worse still the users are not able to do their job properly. This is usually because the project turned out to be more challenging than expected, and staff were lacking the necessary skills and experience to undertake a project of this nature.

If you have found yourself in this situation, Greenbeam Consulting will help you get back on track by:

  • Thoroughly assessing the situation and making recommendations regarding the way forward.
  • Working closely with you to implement the recommendations

This approach to consulting is not just limited to ERP; we also offer independent CRM Consulting, Other Business Software Consulting as well as IT & Management Consulting services. To find out more, please call us on 0843 523 5630 or send an email to [email protected]

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