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CRM Consulting

Put simply, CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, solutions enable organisations to streamline their customer facing processes and improve the management of their relationships with customers – both existing and potential, thereby helping to increase sales and customer retention.  The range of functionality in CRM systems has massively expanded in recent years, with some now also including the management of supplier and employee relationships.

The wealth of functionality available nowadays means that a CRM system is more likely to be part of a strategic, company-wide initiative, and not just a tool used purely by the Sales and Marketing team.

Our CRM Selection and CRM Implementation services ensure you choose the most appropriate CRM software for your business and that it is implemented successfully throughout your organisation, whatever industry you are in.

If your CRM project is underway or you have already implemented your CRM system but things are not going as expected, our CRM Troubleshooting service will help you get back on track.

CRM Selection

Greenbeam Consulting are entirely independent and therefore will help you see past the sales patter to find the CRM solution and supplier that best meets your needs.

We do this by getting to know your business, the key drivers and what you need your CRM system to deliver both now and in the future. Then, following an efficient and objective process we help you identify and thoroughly evaluate potential solutions and suppliers. We know what questions to ask and what to look for, so you are able to make a fully informed decision – meaning you don’t pay more than necessary for a CRM solution and there are no nasty surprises later on.

CRM Implementation

Once your CRM software has been chosen, it is vital to make sure it is implemented and integrated into the business successfully to ensure you achieve the required benefits.

However, CRM implementation projects can often take longer, take up more staff time than expected and end up being far costlier than you originally believed.  Another misconception that can throw a spanner in the works is to assume that the supplier will plan and manage the whole project, overlooking the fact that the project is really about improving the way the business operates.

Implementing a company-wide CRM system can be a challenging project.  Many companies find they don’t have people with the right skills and experience to plan and manage a project of this size and importance. Organisations often get around this issue by engaging a contractor – but what happens to all the knowledge and information they have acquired when the contract ends? And what does the contractor do during quieter parts of the project?

Greenbeam Consulting can plan and manage the implementation for you, but we are a bit different within the CRM consulting services world in that we prefer to work closely with your internally appointed project manager and team, guiding and supporting them throughout the implementation. Working this way ensures that not only are the project plans realistic, but issues, disruption and delays are kept to a minimum, and importantly, the knowledge accumulated during the implementation stays within the business.

CRM Troubleshooting

In our experience, many companies who tackle a CRM project on their own end up facing some problems.

It could be that the project goes off-course, resulting in significant delays or escalating costs. Alternatively, the CRM system may up and running, but the business finds that anticipated benefits are not being realised, either because staff are not making full use of the system or because it doesn’t fully meet their day to day needs. This is usually a consequence of the project being more challenging than expected and staff lacking the necessary skills and experience.

If you are facing problems with your CRM project or system, Greenbeam Consulting can help you address them.  Firstly we will thoroughly assess the situation and make recommendations regarding the way forward. Then we will work closely with you to help implement the recommendations and get you back on track.

This approach to consulting is not just limited to CRM; we also offer ERP Consulting, Other Business Software Consulting as well as IT & Management Consulting services. To find out more, please call us on 0843 523 5630 or send an email to [email protected]

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