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Business Software Consulting

In our experience, standard ERP and CRM software doesn’t fully meet the needs of every type of business. However, there is a wealth of industry-specific business management software available, which may be more appropriate for your organisation.

Industry -specific business software is designed to meet the specialist needs of companies in a particular sector, typically enabling them to operate more efficiently and have greater visibility of what is happening within the organisation.

Whatever the nature of your business, implementing a business management software system represents a significant investment and therefore it’s crucial that you get it right. Whatever the nature of your business and whatever type of system is most appropriate for your business, Greenbeam’s Business Software Selection and Implementation services will make sure you get it right first time – without spending more than necessary.

Even if your business management software project is underway, or you have already implemented new software and things are not going as planned, we can still help you with Business Software Troubleshooting.

Business Software Selection

How do you know which business software system and supplier are going to be best for your business? How can you be sure you are comparing apples with apples when looking at the different options and costs?

Greenbeam Consulting can answer these questions for you by offering impartial advice every step of the way, due to the fact we are a totally independent software consultancy.  Our experience will help you see past the sales talk, making sure you are comparing like with like, and that you understand the different options available to you.  All of this will ensure you make a fully informed decision to determine which are the most appropriate solution and supplier for your business.

We accomplish this by first getting to know your individual business, your goals and the challenges you face.  We then identify and thoroughly evaluate those systems and suppliers that appear to be a good fit to your business by using our selection methodology that we have fine-tuned over the years, as well as our knowledge of the software industry.  Our searching questions enable you to determine which will be the most appropriate solution for your business and budget, and prevent any nasty surprises after you have made your decision.

Business Software Implementation

In order to achieve the desired benefits from your chosen system, it is vital to make sure the chosen system is implemented and integrated successfully into your business.

Business software projects are renowned for taking longer and costing more than was originally expected, and for causing problems after they have gone live.  This is usually a result of companies not having the right skills and experience to plan and manage the introduction of a business critical, company-wide system.

Many organisations hire a contractor to plug this gap, but find themselves questioning this approach during the quieter periods on the project and at the end, when the contractor has moved on, taking all the information and knowledge they acquired with them.

Greenbeam Consulting are different.  We don’t just manage the project for you then walk away once the system is up and running. The way we prefer to work is for you to assign a member of staff as project manager.  We then work closely with them, supplementing their knowledge by guiding and supporting them throughout the project.  We believe that this is the best approach for our clients. The end result is that the project is well planned and managed, and the knowledge, experience and skills acquired remain with your business.

Business Software Troubleshooting

Companies can experience serious problems with their business management software project or system, as we hinted at above.

Projects can suffer significant delays and escalating costs, and systems may not achieve the expected benefits and return on investment (ROI) – sometimes with staff struggling to perform their day to day tasks.  These issues usually arise as a consequence of the project being more complex and challenging than anticipated, and staff lacking the necessary skills and experience needed to run a project of this type.

Greenbeam Consulting can help you to turn matters round.  First we thoroughly assess the situation and make recommendations regarding the way forward.  Then we will work closely with you to implement the recommendations and get things back on track.

This approach to consulting is not just limited to Business Software Consultancy, we also offer ERP Consulting, CRM Consulting as well as IT & Management Consulting services. To find out more, please call us on 0843 523 5630 or send an email to [email protected]

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