As an idependent ERP consultancy company in Manchester, we know that for many businesses, making the decision to replace your current ERP system, or even purchase your first one, can be enormous. Handling the evaluation process, choosing the right system for you and tackling the ERP implementation process successfully is a lot for anyone to handle, especially when you throw budget considerations in there as well!

ERP systems can be hugely beneficial to businesses, but you have to be savvy, so here are some pitfalls to avoid. Budget is one area businesses struggle with as if not carefully controlled, budgets can soar through the roof and leave you struggling with what to do next. You may also start the evaluation process and realise that the hardware that exists in your business is too outdated to support an ERP system – which could leave you pondering whether to replace the system or give up on your ERP system dreams! Worse still, you may find that there is no one in your business who understands every area of the business well enough to evaluate the offered solutions, leaving you with no clear way of making the right decision.

This is where most medium-sized businesses decide that they need to take on the help of an independent ERP consultant. So let’s look at the business benefits of hiring an independent ERP Consultancy Company.

An Unbiased Big Picture View

Your chosen independent consultant will take a good in-depth look at your business with a fresh, impartial and unbiased eye. Then, they will be able to report back to you with any suggestions for improvement. You have to trust your chosen consultant, as following their suggestions, before evaluating different ERP systems, will save you a lot of time and money later, as well as ensuring that you find the most suitable ERP solution.

Protecting Your Interests

One of an independent ERP consultant’s jobs is to look for suitable ERP vendors for you and an experienced consultant may have knowledge of industry-specific solutions that would fit your company the best. The fewer add-ons and less customisation your chosen system needs, the cheaper it should be overall and the easier it should be to implement and install. The consultant will also always keep your best interests in mind when talking to ERP software vendors, making sure the essentials for your business are covered rather than being swayed by their sales talk.

Smoother Implementation

When you are going through the process of choosing an ERP solution, it is critical that you take into account the vendor’s implementation process, as well as the time and costs involved in implementing the solution. A lot of the time when an ERP system project fails it is due to failed implementation. Being a seasoned ERP project management expert, your consultant will be able to help you avoid unreliable vendors and anticipate any potential issues from the outset.

When starting to implement your chosen ERP solution, you need to ensure your implementation plan includes all the necessary tasks – for both you and the vendor – and that it’s realistic. You may have people in the business with project management skills but they will still have their ‘day jobs’ to do. What’s more, software implementations require specific steps to be completed, in a certain order, and cutting corners can cause significant problems further down the line. An ERP consultant will know what tasks need to be done and understand what is involved in each task. Using an ERP consultancy to project manage your ERP implementation will leave your staff free to focus on areas where they add more value and prevent issues arising that could jeopardise the implementation.

A Good ROI

Investing in a good independent ERP consultant should help you to save money on ERP implementation in the long run, because they will have identified the important features that you need in the system, used their knowledge and experience to lead system selection and implementation – preventing you from spending more than necessary, and ultimately, picked a solution that will lead your business to success.

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