When it comes to the world of business as a whole, many companies chose to hire consultants to help them with certain projects, and implementing CRM software is no different. Whether you need help with choosing a CRM solution, implementing the new system or with the cultural change that your company will undergo internally, it is easy to see that an external person’s perspective on things can help to ease the process and unlock the potential in your chosen project. There are so many companies out there offering independent CRM Consulting Services though, how do you know which one to choose?

Be Clear About What You Need

Before you even start thinking about talking to an independent CRM consulting company, you need to sit down and take a bit of time to clarify exactly where your company wants to go – because this information is essential for the consultant to understand in order to get the right system for you.  You should also be totally clear about what you expect the consultant to do for their fee & get it in writing if possible – to avoid any problems further down the line.

Ensure You Know Who is Involved

If you are working with a smaller CRM consulting company then the person you meet will probably be the person working on your project, and this is great as you will easily be able to build up a working relationship with them. However, some of the larger companies may have 5,000 staff working for them – so you need to know exactly who is going to be on your team, what their experience is and if they have any references. These are going to be key individuals within your project so you should know as much about them as possible.

The Importance of the Person/People Involved

As we stated above, the person (or people) who work on your CRM project are going to become part of your business for the lifespan of that project and so they need to be reliable, credible and have top-notch industry expertise. They need to be able to harness the technology that is available on the market and use their relationships with CRM software vendors to get the best result for their client, while inspiring their clients to dramatically improve their customers’ experience.

Understand Your Pain Points

Whether your business is ten years old or ten days old, there will be many challenges and pain points that will cross your path as the business is growing. Every business is unique, and the right independent CRM consultant for your business will be the one who takes the time to get to know your business and its unique pain points to be able to find the best CRM software solution for you.

Size Isn’t Everything

Many companies choose to go with large CRM consulting firms as they believe their size makes them a safer bet, however this can be a misleading belief. Large firms tend to work best with other large firms, offering 24-hour support across several continents. For most businesses, the personal relationship they can build up with a smaller independent CRM consulting firm means more and offers them direct access to the senior decision makers in the business, rather than the juniors who are often sent on projects by the larger firms. Experience is everything though, so find out what experience your consultant has before signing on the dotted line.

Neutrality & Transparency

Although we have built up good working relationships with various CRM software vendors over the years, we are completely neutral – we do not sell any software and we don’t receive a commission from any vendors. Being totally independent is really important to us, as we want to ensure we get our clients the system that is right for their business and budget.

Hopefully this article has given you some pointers to help you along the way to finding the right independent CRM consulting service for your business, but if you have any questions please call us on 0843 523 5630 or send us an email to [email protected]