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What are the Differences Between CRM & PRM?

Today, many businesses are using a variety of software tools to help them to manage their business. As a provider of independent CRM consulting services, we tend to focus on CRM (Customer Relationship Management), but another type of popular software is PRM (Partner Relationship Management). But what are the differences between them, and do you need them [...]

What impact will the Internet of Things have on CRM?

Here at Greenbeam Consulting, one of our consultants has been offering independent CRM consulting services for over 20 years - and they have seen a lot of changes in that time. One of the significant changes there has been is the introduction and rapid adoption of the internet.  The internet and associated technology have had a massive [...]

What to think about when choosing an Independent CRM Consulting Services

When it comes to the world of business as a whole, many companies chose to hire consultants to help them with certain projects, and implementing CRM software is no different. Whether you need help with choosing a CRM solution, implementing the new system or with the cultural change that your company will undergo internally, it is [...]