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Tips for improved user adoption after ERP implementation

We've talked a lot about digital transformation in recent blog posts, and how change management needs to be carefully managed in order to ensure successful implementation of any new system. As a company who offer independent ERP consulting services, however, we know that one of the hardest things to tackle is user adoption. If your employees [...]

What Impact Will AI Have on ERP?

As we offer independent ERP consulting services, we have to keep abreast of all of the technological changes impacting on the workplace, and one of the largest ones at the moment is AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning. Now it may surprise you to discover that AI is not new, it is something we have been [...]

Five Tips for Implementing an ERP System

In the last few articles we have published, we have talked about the cost of an ERP system and the time it might take to implement such a system, and so now we are moving on to talk about how to ensure your ERP implementation is successful. As an independent ERP consultant with many years of [...]

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