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Difference between cloud, hosted and SaaS ERP systems

As an independent ERP consultant, one question that I am always asked is, what the difference is between a cloud system, a SaaS system and an on-premise system. These terms tend to be thrown about a lot, and it is quite easy to be a little confused by them all. In this article, we aim to [...]

Justifying an ERP System

Perhaps the most important, and often overlooked, step in an ERP implementation is actually building the business case to convince senior management that this is the way forward. Our years of ERP consulting experience have shown us that the decision to implement or upgrade a new ERP system is likely to be one of the more [...]

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Should you replace your current ERP system?

Your independent ERP consultant is not just there to help companies who are investing in an ERP system for the first time; they can also help companies who already have an existing ERP system but are not 100% happy with it. ERP systems are vitally important to many companies as they are the information backbone that [...]

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