When it comes to implementing a CRM system, some people can find it an overwhelming and daunting project to undertake. As an independent CRM consulting company in Cheshire, we know that there are many technical components to consider, such as choosing the application, obtaining the hardware and configuring it, ensuring it integrates well with your other systems, and finally making sure it goes live on time and stays within budget. Unfortunately, our experience as a business software implementation consultant has shown us that all too often the effort that businesses put into the project does not bring about the expected results and the system is not adopted by employees.

So, how can your independent CRM consultant Cheshire help you to ensure that your company adopts the system correctly and that your CRM implementation is successful?

Top Management Buy-In

It may sound obvious, but for any project to be successful, it needs buy-in from the whole company, especially top management. CRM implementation is a huge investment in terms of cash and time, so to gain the most value from this investment your management team need to not only commit fully, but also be the driving force behind it. Seeing a committed and enthusiastic top management team will show other employees how important this project is to the company.

Change Management

Any new system will mean that changes will have to be made within a business, and as we all know change is not always welcome. This fear of the unknown can mean that employees will reject the new system before it is even put into place. Therefore, in order to negate this risk for your implementation, you should firstly include representatives from the departments impacted the most on the project team. Secondly, talk to your employees about the software before you implement it, and ensure that their voice is heard. Great two-way communication is essential and if you can pinpoint some users who become champions of the system this will help you to spread the excitement and gain more buy-in.

Phase Implementation

One way of ensuring a successful implementation is not to implement all the system features in one go. Allowing users to get used to the new system in phases means that they are not overwhelmed with lots of new processes at once.


People adapt to new systems in different ways; some will pick it up straight away and run with it, while others will be more sceptical of this new way of working. Therefore, training is really important for everyone in the business. After all, if people are unsure how to use the system correctly, they may become frustrated and more resistant to using it. Training should also be ongoing and provided in small bites, so as not to overwhelm people.


We cannot stress enough how important two-way communication is. If you give your employees the opportunity to give feedback and even suggest improvements to the system, then you are allowing continual improvement of the system and ensuring that it stays relevant to your business needs.

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