As a company who offer independent CRM consulting services, we know that many CRM software providers will tell you that their product is the solution to all of your business’s customer relationship issues and data needs. Although this is true up to a certain point, you will only really see true change in your business after the installation of CRM software, if you make a valid commitment to changing your existing processes and embracing the new.

Whether you have been using your CRM system for a while, or are just about to install a new one, here are our suggestions for commitments you should be making concerning CRM.

Commitment One: Choose The Right CRM

If you have been following our blogs for a while, you will be aware that there is no one piece of CRM software that will be suitable for all businesses. Every single business is different, as is the team within that business, and so you should choose a system that best meets your exact business needs by making sure you really understand the processes that take place within your business before you rush into the purchase process.

Commitment Two: Be Smart With Your Data

Data is one of the most valuable assets of a business.  The information in your CRM system should be a treasure trove which will define how you market and sell your products. Therefore, you need to make sure your data is accurate and clearly organised, so that you can report on it with ease.

Commitment Three: Collaborate More

The top-down approach that has been so popular in business in recent years is really dying a death now – especially where your CRM software is concerned. Choosing the right CRM system will inspire you to collaborate more and be more transparent so that all aspects of data are available to all team members. The more involved your team are in how the system works, the more their buy-in should be.

Commitment Four: Train and Educate Your Employees

As we have touched on before, any new piece of software you bring into your business will need buy-in from your employees if it is to work to its fullest advantage, and your CRM system is no exception. Showing your employees how to use the CRM system and what benefits it will bring to them is essential to its success. Taking the time to ensure that all employees know how it will improve their daily tasks as well as the rest of the business is a good place to start. You can talk to them about how much it will improve customer relations meaning they are more likely to become retained customers, which will improve the businesses revenue.

Commitment Five: Learn From Your Mistakes

To ensure your CRM software stays relevant to your business, you should identify the reasons why your current system has failed in the past or is failing now and learn from these failures. Look at what is not working for you at the moment and then see how you can improve on this in the future. If you are finding this tough to do, it may be something that your independent CRM consulting services company could help with.

Commitment Six: Update Your Processes, When You Update Your System

Just investing in a new CRM system without changing your processes could mean that you will still experience the same issues that you did previously. Going through a CRM system installation is a good time to rethink how you use your CRM, evaluate your processes to see what is working and what isn’t and improve your business efficiency.

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