As a firm that has built up its reputation by offering one of the best independent ERP Consulting Services in the UK, we know that many people find ERP evaluation and ERP selection an onerous task. There is a lot of pressure on businesses to get it right, as choosing the wrong system could be an expensive mistake; not only stopping your company from growing as fast as it could but also causing a lot of inefficiencies and stress. So, the wisest decision is to take on the help of an independent evaluation consultant like ourselves. Drawing on our years of experience in the ERP consulting services sector, we have pulled together this ERP advice to help you when you are going through the process of evaluating an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system:

Assess Your Current Situation First

Why use ERP? What are your business needs? What are your plans for the future? What are your ERP objectives? What do you want the ROI to be? This is quite a hard process to go through, but it will help you to identify the current obstacles and gaps in your existing business processes and clearly define whether you need to invest in an ERP solution or not.

Get Management Buy-In

Many companies make the mistake of seeing ERP implementation as a technology project, when really it is a business transformation initiative.  This makes it really important that everyone in the business, especially the senior management team, get behind the project and are involved from start to finish.

Have a Dedicated ERP Project Team

Take a good look at your employees and select an individual, from each of the affected departments, who has the capabilities to make this project a success.  However, you must make sure that their existing day-to-day responsibilities are covered, so that they are free to work on the ERP project whole-heartedly.

Define Your Project

Make sure you have a clearly documented which processes, departments and locations are included in your project; the tasks involved and responsibilities, and a realistic timeline.  You also need to have someone responsible for driving the project and coordinating the evaluation activities.

Create SMART Metrics

You need to have some metrics in mind to decide whether the ERP solution you end up plumping for is actually working for your business. Make sure you have some measurable goals in mind for all areas of the business before you set out on this process.  This will also help you identify which features are essential for you in an ERP system.

Although ERP evaluation is a complex process, it is a necessary one to go through. If you are thinking about implementing an ERP system in your business, but are feeling overwhelmed with all the information, then why not give us a call? You can reach us on 0843 523 5630 or drop us an email to [email protected] and we will do our utmost to help you.