In our last blog, we gave you an introduction to digital transformation as it is having a significant impact on businesses at the moment. It is interesting to note that this change is not being driven by companies, but by their customers. Digital transformation is obviously a vast area which covers much more than just CRM, but CRM consulting services are considered a key component as they are essential in order to ensure your business is putting the customer first.

Embracing Technology

Today’s customer has embraced technology in a way which enables them to access the content they want to read, on the device they choose at any time they want. This means that businesses now have to embrace technology as well in order to keep up with them. A CRM system is vital to this as it should be the central hub within your business which contains all of the information you have on your customers. This means it is your key data source for all touch points – both human and digital – during the customer journey.

The Human Touch

You may be surprised that we mention human touch points during the customer journey, but these are still important. Despite the increase in the use of technology, people still want to talk to customer service agents or sales reps as part of the process. So, even as companies’ digital capabilities continue to become more intelligent, with the use of marketing automation and social media listening, it is essential that the people within the firm have a good grasp of the CRM system to be able to better connect with the customer. This means that as part of the CRM system implementation process it should be ensured that the CRM system can be linked to other digital channels and systems so that all of the information can be gathered in a central location.

Personalised Customer Experience

Accenture recently published some research that showed that 75% of customers were more likely to buy from a company that recognised them by name, knew their purchase history and recommended products based on their past purchases. This means that they are more than happy for companies to use their data to improve their experience with them – which is where CRM comes in.

With a robust CRM system, you have the opportunity to study all of the customer data you have collected during their interactions with your company. This could be through product quotes, general information requests and even support enquiries. Analysing this data gives you the opportunity to get a better understanding of each customer allowing you to target your message to their particular need, giving them the more personalised experience that they desire.

By correctly utilising your CRM system, you can embrace digital transformation, give your customers what they want and ultimately transform the overall customer experience.

If you want to start your digital transformation journey today, then please get in touch. We have been offering independent CRM consulting services to a wide range of businesses for many years.