As a business owner, you can’t have failed to notice that the amount of choice consumers have has increased significantly in the past few years. As a company that offer independent CRM consulting services in Cheshire and the surrounding area, we have seen this start to impact on the business environment as well. People now have access to the internet on their smartphone meaning they are far more educated about services and products; consequently, the element of power has shifted from the seller to the buyer. So nowadays for a successful business, you need to concentrate on helping the buyer to buy, rather than selling to them.

What all this means is that the focus of CRM systems has changed too. They are no longer just tools for managing leads; many CRM systems are now truly tools to help us manage our relationships with customers.  A good CRM system can do this by keeping track of all customer interactions with your business and storing that information in one place.  Consequently, you are able to personalise the service you give to each client, enabling you to improve the level of customer service you provide.  Using a CRM system in this way brings with it further benefits, including:

Enhancing Your Products and Services

As the CRM system gathers all your customer’s data in one place including communication through social media, online chat and telephone calls, it means you then have a clearer overview of your customer’s needs. This bigger picture will allow you to grasp quickly how they are feeling about your products and services, and identify whether you need to make any changes to your offering.

Increase in Revenue from Existing Customers

These days good customer service is paramount to make a customer a repeat customer. Various studies have shown that repeat customers spend more than new customers and so turning more customers into repeat customers will inevitably impact on your revenue. Happy customers will also improve your revenue by passing the word on about you and encouraging referrals to your business.

Help You to Retain Your Existing Customers

As competition becomes more intense and customers get more and more demanding, one way of ensuring you keep your existing customers happy is to have a good loyalty programme. Rewarding customers with something you know they will like, based on the information in your CRM system will allow you to grow stronger relationships with your customers.  This, in turn, feeds into turning your existing customers into repeat customers, which is good for increasing your revenue.

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