Are you thinking about implementing a CRM system and are wondering whether you need to get some help from a local independent CRM consulting services company to ensure that the project is successful? This is a question that many medium-sized businesses find themselves asking. Employing external help will, of course, add to the budget, but this may be the best option as CRM implementation can be tricky. Since their inception, independent CRM consultancies have been involved in selecting CRM solutions for businesses, as the CRM tools selection process has always been rather complex. There are a lot of software options available, plus some clever marketing techniques and competing salespeople which can easily confuse people. What’s more, choosing the wrong option can be very costly. With all of this taken into consideration, it is no wonder that many business owners and senior management turn to an external consultant to help guide them through the process.

Software selection is only one part of the role of an independent CRM consultant. There are also five other areas during the process where they can help and advise a business and these are:

Planning and Feasibility

Independent CRM consulting services can be used to help you decide whether undertaking a CRM project is a good idea in the first place and what form the CRM project should take. They do this by taking an in-depth look at your business, defining the business case, estimating the costs involved, looking at potential resource requirements, evaluating different options and finally, identifying key implementation processes. They do this to allow you to make an informed decision on how to progress with your project in a way that will maximise the value of the project.

Defining Your Requirements

One of the most demanding parts of the whole CRM process is requirement defining, as it involves definition and documentation of business and functional requirements and often the introduction of new processes. It is also critical that the right solution choice is made, as it has a huge impact on implementation speed. As you can imagine, none of this is easy to do unless you have a good knowledge of CRM tools – which means that it is often best to enlist the help of an external and experienced independent CRM consultant.

Pricing and Project Cost

An independent CRM consultant will not only make sure that you choose a solution that is right for your business going forward, but that you don’t spend more than necessary on a solution. A good independent CRM consultant will consider the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ and not just the initial costs of the software licenses and the supplier’s charge for implementation. They can also review CRM implementation estimates to trim off any unnecessary items. It has been known that the involvement of an independent CRM consultant can bring the price of a CRM implementation down quite significantly, making the ROI for the business even higher.

Successful Implementation

Outright project failure is rare these days, but budget overruns and missed live dates are unfortunately quite common, as is a lack of buy-in from staff for the new CRM system. So, to prevent this from happening, get an experienced CRM consultant involved from the outset. They can run the project for you from the beginning or mentor an employee in-house to manage the project so that they can learn to project manage similar projects in the future.

Work with Existing Systems

It may not always be the case that you need a new CRM system, sometimes the system you have is salvageable it just needs a little tweaking. Your independent consultant can take a good look at your existing technology and see whether it needs replacing, or whether it is just not working for you due to user adoption issues or poor implementation. Getting help means that everything is done properly, this time around, which can save you money in the long run.

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