ERP vs Digital Transformation: How do you decide which is right for you?

In the past, ERP implementation was a relatively simple task - as long as you followed the advice of an independent consultant like ourselves. However, like everything in industry at the moment, ERP has been impacted by our digital world, and ERP implementations are now part of the digital transformation of your business. But what is [...]

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ERP Predictions for 2020

The ERP software industry is going through a major shift at the moment, with an increasing focus on ERP in the cloud. This is driven by the fact that many existing ERP vendors are already starting to focus more on pushing their cloud-based ERP systems (although on-premise and hybrid models will still be available). The benefit [...]

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Preparing your ERP Systems for Brexit

Brexit. It’s a stressful topic for many, but it is something that I can’t shy away from discussing. As an ERP consultant, I can already see the impact it is having on firms of all sizes. Some larger firms are choosing to relocate overseas in preparation for the worst, but this is not usually an option [...]

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