Why is Business Process Reengineering So Important in ERP?

As an independent ERP consultant who deals with companies of all sizes, we hear the term Business Process Reengineering or BPR a lot, but what is it and why is it so important in your ERP implementation? Business Process Reengineering is a term that was coined by Michael Hammer in a Harvard Business Review article back [...]

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What to think about when choosing an Independent CRM Consulting Services

When it comes to the world of business as a whole, many companies chose to hire consultants to help them with certain projects, and implementing CRM software is no different. Whether you need help with choosing a CRM solution, implementing the new system or with the cultural change that your company will undergo internally, it is [...]

The Top Trends in ERP As Identified by an Independent ERP Consultant

The ERP landscape seems to be changing on a monthly basis at the moment and as an independent ERP consultant, it’s a full-time job to stay abreast of these changes! So, to help you to keep on top of things, here is what you need to know: More Choice in ERP When ERP first started out it [...]

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