CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a buzzword in many business circles today, but while most people realise that their business could benefit from it, they are not sure which solution will suit them best. As a company who offer help with CRM solutions in Cheshire, we are open minded about which CRM strategy businesses should follow. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. One change that has recently happened in CRM and in the business world, is the rise in the use of cloud-based systems. Cloud-based software is software that is accessed through the internet which makes it easier for all users to access the information at the same time wherever they are in the world. So, here are five reasons why we suggest, as part of our independent CRM consulting process, you should consider putting your CRM in the cloud:

Information Available to All

With a cloud-based CRM process, you can keep all your data and documents in one place that everyone has access to, where ever they are based, meaning that everyone in the business is working on the same information – in fact, it can even encourage collaboration. Having all the information in one central place also makes it easier to track pipeline figures and forecast sales, ensuring you have an accurate day to day picture of your business.

Up to Date Information

With this fast-paced world that we now live in, our sales teams have to be more mobile than ever. They rarely sit at desks all day, instead, they are out and about meeting clients or working remotely. With a cloud-based CRM system, your sales team can access it from their laptop, mobile or tablet, wherever they are as long as they have internet access. This makes it much easier for them to update it on the go and always have access to the most recent and accurate version. If you have an on premise CRM solution, the sales team can only update the information when they return to their base, which means that they may neglect to do this if they are busy. As a result, precious client data can be lost, become out of sync or be delayed.


There are no servers to buy or maintain with a cloud-based CRM system and which helps to increase its affordability. It is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product which means you generally pay a monthly charge covering use and support of the system, making operational costs easy to budget and account for.


The aim of every business is to grow and all the new technology we have access to nowadays is helping to make the path from start-up to a global company a much shorter one. One of the key advantages of cloud-based CRM is its ability to grow as your business does, without the need to replace or upgrade your hardware.

Built-In Security and Disaster Recovery

When you move your CRM system to the cloud, you also move your data off site. The majority of cloud-based providers nowadays are aware of the security and safety concerns people have about doing this, and so provide solutions where backups, maintenance, security and disaster recovery are managed to the highest standards possible. This frees your IT team to focus more on strategic tasks, as they no longer have to worry about routine ones.

As you can see, moving your CRM solution to the cloud will bring your business a whole range of benefits, but it isn’t necessarily right for everyone. If you are thinking about your CRM strategy at the moment, why not give us a call and we can talk you through the pros and cons of each type of system and work out which is best for you? We can be contacted on 0843 523 5630, or you can send us an email to [email protected]