CRM Solutions have been around for a long time now, but as a company who offer independent IT Consulting Services, we know that for many companies, actually choosing the correct CRM platform for their business and successfully implementing it, can be a tricky task. When completing a CRM software comparison, it is so easy to miss things out. You could choose the wrong system and end up in a worse situation than before! So, we have decided to share the most common mistakes people make when buying CRM software and some tips on how to avoid them.

1. Forgetting The End User

To ensure that your CRM system implementation is successful, you need to talk to the end users of the system before you even start looking for one. Talking to your employees and explaining the benefits of a CRM system before you start will make them more likely to take the system on board and use it to its full advantage. Some of the benefits you could mention include: automating processes, increasing efficiency, saving time and reducing costs.

2. Not Thinking Big Picture

A common mistake that many businesses make is choosing a CRM system that fulfils their current business needs. They forget to think about the big picture and to buy something that is scalable and will develop with their business. The CRM solution they choose may be perfect for the first couple of years, but as the business grows and takes on more customers and orders, the CRM system may not be able to cope and will need updating. Make sure you assess your requirements carefully when you are choosing a system and always keep future growth of your business in mind.

3. Using CRM Systems as an Address Book Only

CRM systems are often only used for storing contact details, but if you just use them for that, you are overlooking a massive opportunity. The real value in a CRM system comes from the recording and grouping of all customer-related information, such as sales opportunities, details of orders, after sales issues and any other contact, and then being able to analyse all of this information.  In order to take full advantage of your CRM system, you should, take some time beforehand to sketch out a diagram showing your customer lifecycle. This will not only help you to take advantage of your CRM system, but will also allow you to customise it correctly too.

4. Failing to Consider All Communication Channels

To get the most out of your chosen CRM system, you need to make sure that you can integrate it with your channels of communication, such as your telephone and email systems, and social media. Having access to social media interaction information within your CRM system means that you have access to vital customer insights that will help you to create a long-term relationship with your customers. Integrating such processes will ultimately contribute to your business’ success.

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