Why Greenbeam Business Software Consultancy


You may already be at a stage where you know you need to replace your current system(s) with a better one. From Independent Financial Advisors to Construction companies, whatever your type or field of operation, the warning signs can follow a similar pattern:

  • Your current systems don’t provide the functionality and information the company needs, causing unnecessary extra work
  • There’s too much re-keying of information or wide use of spreadsheets, leading to errors
  • Your staff could not handle more work and still provide the level of customer service necessary, preventing you from growing the business

Inefficiencies like these mean the company is not fully competitive. But if you venture down the route of finding a solution, you may face a maze of alternatives making it hard to identify the best solution for your business and budget.

Whatever your problem, Greenbeam can provide an early idea of costs and always conducts a thorough and objective assessment of many potential solutions and suppliers, enabling clients to make an informed decision as to what is right for their business.

Another reason for consulting us is that many companies fail to realise the level of detail required to specify and implement the actual system they need. Our approach ensures that at every level, from data input though to management reporting, the end result matches everyone’s expectations.

What’s more, software suppliers only help so far. Greenbeam will help fully manage the implementation for you and see that all relevant systems are fully set-up and tested, data is transferred, all the procedures are re-written and everyone is fully conversant with using them.