Business Software Implementation and Support


To maximise the benefits and returns from any new business system, as well as choosing the right software, it's vital the system is successfully implemented and you are able to make full use of it from the outset.




Successfully implementing a new system means ensuring that it is correctly set up and fully integrated into the business as a whole. To do so can mean a significant Change project as well as a necessary IT project for your company.

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Go Live Support


Greenbeam will be on site with you to make sure things go smoothly when you start to use your new software.  We will also be available during the first few weeks to handle any questions or 'glitches'.

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  • Initial Meeting

    Free, no obligation discussion about the issues your business is facing

    ... and to find out how Greenbeam can help you.

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  • Research

    Gather and document your detailed requirements.

    Identify potential solutions

    ... so you know how much it's likely to cost.

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  • Evaluation

    Thorough and objective assessment of the potential solutions

    ... so you can choose the most appropriate one.

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  • Implementation & Support

    Plan and manage your implementation project.

    Support when you start using the new system

    ... enabling you to remain focused on your core business, and maximise your ROI.

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