Business Software Evaluation


The Evaluation stage builds on the work done at the Research stage and gives you a thorough and objective assessment of the short-listed solutions and their suppliers. As well as the fit to your detailed functional requirements, the evaluation considers aspects such as:

  • Costs - one-off (implementational) and ongoing costs
  • Technical requirements
  • Data transfer from current systems
  • What you will need to do – for initial system set-up and ongoing administration
  • System availability – particularly important for Cloud-based solutions
  • Backup and recovery
  • Stability of the supplier
  • Level of support available from the supplier

Greenbeam will guide and support you throughout the evaluation process, including on-site demonstrations of potential software and talking with current users.

You will then be able to make a truly informed decision as to which software and supplier is best for your business.


  • Initial Meeting

    Free, no obligation discussion about the issues your business is facing

    ... and to find out how Greenbeam can help you.

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  • Research

    Gather and document your detailed requirements.

    Identify potential solutions

    ... so you know how much it's likely to cost.

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  • Evaluation

    Thorough and objective assessment of the potential solutions

    ... so you can choose the most appropriate one.

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  • Implementation & Support

    Plan and manage your implementation project.

    Support when you start using the new system

    ... enabling you to remain focused on your core business, and maximise your ROI.

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