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What is a CRM System and Does Your Business Really Need One?

If you work in sales or marketing, you have probably heard the term CRM - but do you really understand what it means? As a CRM implementation company, we know that many people will tell you that you need a CRM system, without actually explaining what one is and without finding out about your business first. We are not like that. So, why not let expert CRM Consultants tell you what CRM is all about and give you advice on whether your business really needs one or not?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and refers to software that lets you track your business’ current and future interaction with customers. Therefore, CRM does not refer to a specific feature, it is a term describing any system that allows for this kind of tracking. Your CRM system, should you choose to purchase one, will have varying capabilities depending on the software you purchase. The majority of CRM systems will store existing and prospective customer information, and include space for any additional notes you would like to make. Some systems also allow you to capture emails and calls made to customers, and even keep an eye on their social media profiles. Different systems allow you to capture emails and calls made to customers, keep an eye on their social media profiles, and some even include space for any additional notes you would like to make. More sophisticated CRM systems allow you to schedule meetings between customers and reps, visually display your sales team pipeline, and can even provide sales forecasts.

Whatever the individual features of your chosen CRM system, the main benefit of implementing a CRM system is that it will create a system that your sales and marketing team can use to interact with customers. A CRM system can help your marketing team to see whether they are turning the right leads over to the sales team. This can save time and improve productivity.

So, does your business need a CRM system? Yes, if you want your business to grow. We know what you are thinking. We provide CRM Consulting services, so we are bound to say that, right? Wrong. If you think of it logically, you need tools in your business that are going to grow as your business does. Yes, you could manually track everything that a CRM system tracks, but as your business grows this task will become more complicated and be a huge drain on resources. It will become extremely difficult to gauge your company-wide performance as your business expands.

Through delivering CRM solutions throughout Manchester and Cheshire, we know that there are lots of different CRM options out there that may work for your business. Deciding which one is right for you depends on which features your business needs the most. For example, if your sales team does not have a clear process for who to call and when, then you need a CRM that gives them insights into which prospects are most engaged. The best way to figure out exactly what features you need in your CRM is to talk to people in your business.

Ultimately, what it boils down to is the fact that the success of your business rests on your ability to satisfy your customers. Using a CRM system means that you can know your customers, rapidly respond to their enquiries, solve their problems and deliver them excellent customer service.

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