IT Consulting Services and Business Software Selection


If you want to get maximum benefits and ROI from any business system, it’s essential to choose the right software solution and then successfully implement it as well.  Many companies don’t have the time or the knowledge to do this on their own.  We’ve all heard of companies who’ve invested even large sums, only to find that their software was unable to handle some crucial process in their work. 

The software evaluation, implementation and IT consulting services that Greenbeam offer follow a best practice approach that can be exactly tailored to meet your particular needs. We work quickly, but not so quick as to overlook essential details.  That means not just best value for money, but peace of mind too.

Greenbeam’s approach in a nutshell...

  • Free, no obligation discussion about the issues your business is facing

    ... and to find out how Greenbeam can help you.

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  • Gather and document your detailed requirements.

    Identify potential solutions

    ... so you know how much it's likely to cost.

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  • Thorough and objective assessment of the potential solutions

    ... so you can choose the most appropriate one.

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  • Plan and manage your implementation project.

    Support when you start using the new system

    ... enabling you to remain focused on your core business, and maximise your ROI.

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