About Greenbeam Consulting



I set up Greenbeam Consulting because I knew that small to medium sized organisations frequently don’t have the experience or the time to choose and implement new software that fully delivers on their investment.  I heard too often from all sorts of SMEs about costly business systems that simply didn't do that.   I therefore decided to use my 20 years’ experience of helping large organisations put in new business systems to help SMEs do the same.

The fact is, smaller companies probably have more at stake than larger companies if their software isn’t successful. They often expect their IT support to choose the right solution and implement it. Of course IT Support needs to be involved, but business systems are mainly about people and processes, not PCs and networks.

Software suppliers will offer help to clients during implementation, but there is usually a lot of work that has to be done by the client.  And if the software you've chosen doesn't do what you need it to do, whatever help the supplier provides won't be enough.  That's why Greenbeam can be so helpful - selecting the right match and seeing it fully work for you.  

Why Greenbeam, you may ask… Well, I chose Beam because we provide clarity, guidance, support - and hopefully smiles at the end! And Green because green is the brightest, most efficient laser beam and we enable companies to operate more efficiently and effectively, stopping them waste time and money.


Alison Barnes

Managing Director

Greenbeam Consulting Ltd